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How can I become a writer?

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  • How can I become a writer?

    My name is Antonia Cummins. Writing is a kind of spiritual need, and it can bring a lot of pleasure and enjoyment, but it also needs to sacrifice a lot of secular pleasure.
    To become a writer or a poet, you must first look at the indifference of fame and fortune, and admire the spirit, character, wisdom and thought. On the plateau of life where the human air is getting thinner, it is lonely and lonely.
    This is a psychological quality and value that a writer or poet should possess.
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    Second, from hobby writing to becoming a writer, this process is difficult and difficult.
    The success of literature is endless. The masters of generations are both monuments and high walls. The monuments can be admired and followed by future generations. The high walls have caused many people to fear and shrink. Therefore, for those who want to enter this threshold, it is very important to lay a good foundation. In addition to constantly enriching knowledge and essays, he often consults with literary friends, often asks editors, and often publishes assignments, often participating in literary creation and communication activities.