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  • Accepter Information MFSMade

    Personal Information:

    Real Name: Marley

    Age: 25

    Date Of Birth: 02.11.1992

    Ingame Info:

    What kind of servers you play on Counter-Strike: Source: Mostly I play DM, but sometimes on Zm maps as well.

    Ingame username: ♰ℳℱƧ♚ɱ∀ɖ∃♰

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:43090726

    Skills: DM servers, not really a good player but like to play with other people

    Do you have already been an admin on Counter-Strike: Source: No

    Motivation: Helping out so you guys don’t stand too much alone for it all.

    What can you bring to us and the server as help: Ain’t much but I’ll do my best to help

    Why should we choose you as part of the Staff Membership: I’m a fair player, I don’t kick players random, but by the rules.

    On which server(s) do you want to become an admin: Deathmatch

    Other Info:

    Gaming Information: I play on a laptop
    Headset/Microphone: Headset but no mic
    Keyboard/Mouse: /
    Processor: /
    Graphics Card: Don’t know but looks like Minecraft then I play
    Other thing about your pc: /

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    Hello Mfsmade, we talked between admins, you said you've never been admin before and it's will be you'r first time so you are in test for the moment and if you are good you will be officially in the Devilz'Team


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      I would say good luck.


      • #4
        Okay thank you I'll do my best


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          good luck, you must do your best , but really !!


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            You passed the test! We are proud to promote you to a Admin!